Monday, September 5, 2011

Assembling Frame vertex triangles

Today, i started assembling the frame vertex triangles..

I followed the instructions on the site:
I also downloaded the High resolution PDF file.

Before i started assembling, i made two jigs - one 290 mm in length and the other 234 mm in legnth.

This is how made the jigs
  1. Took a wooden scale ( bought earlier from HomeDepot - I think it is for $1 dollar) and marked and cut exactly 290 mm from one end and 234 mm from the other end..(Because if there is any imperfection in cutting, it will not impact the other Jig)
Trust me, make sure you made the jigs!!!!

Showing the threaded show + Jig of 290mm

Make sure the jig of 290mm snugly fit between the vertex.
Measure all the three sides and adjust the nuts if necessary. I thought it will take some time precisely measure the distance, but it a breeze with the Jig...

Create another frame as similar to the above. Once i am done, here is the image of two frame vertex triangles...

Two - frame vertex triangles

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