Sunday, September 18, 2011

Assembled bottom plate + belt + y-axis motor

Installed the bottom plate + belt + y-axis motor.

Here are some of the issues i ran into.
  1. I ordered m3 nylock nuts but not the M3 nuts. I ran into a lot of issues due to this.
  2. I  need to order M3 nuts...
  3. I am able to manage to install y-axis motor using the hardware i bought from HomeDepot. I need to get the M3 nuts to rectify the situation.
Here are some of the images..
Bottom plate before gluing to the bearings
View from below -showing the bearings beneath the bottom plate

See the X-mark on the bushing. The bushings are uneven, so i need to try a different sides to keep the bottom plate without wobbling

Closeup view the bushings below the bottom plate
Here is mess i made on the pulley. Because i haven't ordered the m3 nuts, i bought #4-40 flat head screw + nuts from HomeDepot and try to fit the nut into the pulley. As the nut, doesn't fit into the slot, i used soldering gun to widen the seating..I need to replace this, when i receive M3 nuts.

The above image showing the pulley + M3 x 10 bolt + #4-40 nut didn't work on the motor, because the M3 x 10 bolt head it popping out of the pulley and it is not allowing the motor to rotate.

 So this time, i bought #4-40 1/4 inch and tried to install the motor. See the image below.

I bought the following hardware...

Here is the hardware i bought from HomeDepot. #4-40 x 1/2 inch for M3 nut

#4-40 1/2 inch should work, but the screw head is protruding from the pulley, so i bought #4-40-1/4 inch screw + nut... see the image below.

 This time it worked...Able to install the y-axis motor finally.

Moral of the story, buy the correct size screws and Nuts (first time itself)

#6-32 x 1-1/4 inch to use a hinge to hang the idler end of the extruder. I don't have the image, but i will add it later.

Installed the y-axis motor + belt

Installed the y-axis motor..but i am using #4-40 1/4 inch screw + nut. This need to replaced with M3 nut + M3 grub screw

Belt tightened

Another view the bottom plate..See the grease marks on the plate...

Closeup view y-axis motor + belt. I am unable to use three screws to hang the motor, because the fender washer is obstructing the third hole...

y-axisinstalled using only two screws..I am not sure this is the case with the other people 'Prusa mendel'

Another view the y-axis motor - motor hung be two screws only..

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