Saturday, September 3, 2011

Arcol Hot End

RepRapLog phase - suggested 'Arcol' hot end is an over engineered beast. So i decided to buy the 'Arcol' hot end.

The main reason to go with 'Arcol' hot end is, in any RepRap end is the key component.

I want the key component as reliable as possible. I want to go by 'reliable' route rather than saving a few dollars...

This is what i ordered -
  1.  Arcol hot end v.3 preassembled with 0.5 mm nozzle
  2. 0.3mm nozzle
  3. Wade's extruder threaded bolt. (The reason for ordering this one, this one is precisely built. Some one from PA, USA gave a good comment on this one.This is the part that will feed PLA to Hot End.)
Total price: $159.90

I have not received the parts yet...Even though they were shipped  on 8.27.2011 from UK..

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