Sunday, September 18, 2011

Issue with Accessible wade's extruder with Arcol hot end

Issue: filament feed hole alignment of Accessible wade's extruder with Arcol Hot end.

Here is the image showing the misalignment of arcol hot end - filament feed hole with wade's extruder..

See the filament feed hole of Accessible wade's extruder is not properly aligned with arcol hot end feed hole

Another view the misalignment

Closeup view

Another view

If i move the arcol hot end a little bit or the wade's extruder, then the filament feed hole are aligning.

Some more images of the issue.

If i insert the filament before tightening the screws,able to feed the filament...but if have to change the filament..i can't loosen the screws easily while the printer is completely assembled...

Any to solve this issue...Please..


  1. I'm currently having the same issue. I'm thinking the extra mounting disk that came with the hot end is supposed to help but I'm not really sure how...

  2. Hi Parallel Pilgrim

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