Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ordered the RP parts(metric) from eBay

I found RP parts(Metric) on eBay for $84.99 with free shipping. I contacted the seller and ask few questions about the color, requested to ream the parts and whether it suits the Arcol hot end.

Seller obliged my request to ream the parts and confirmed it suits the arcol hot end.

There are couple of differences with the parts, i ordered.

  1. Accessible wade extruder:  The advantage is, it is easy to change the filament using 'Accessible wade extruder' when compared to 'wade's extruder'
  2. Oilite bushings: The advantage is Long life and smooth operation when compared PLA bushings.

I got the parts and a surprise awaits me...The smooth rods i bought (metric) doesn't go through the Oilite bushings. I contacted the seller and he suggested to buy Imperial smooth rod from HomeDepot...

I have to decide what i have to do? While ordering the hardware parts, i ordered a 8.1mm drill bit..

Here is my two options..
  1. buy imperial smooth rods
  2. Drill through the Oilite bushings with 8.1 mm drill bit..

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