Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cutting the smooth and threaded rods...

Bought hacksaw blades from HomeDepot to cut the rods as below...
Need to add the cost of the blades

3x1m Long 8mm Smooth Stainless Steel Rod

 Rod 1: 420mm, 420mm
 Rod 2: 406mm, 406mm
 Rod 3: 350mm, 350mm

6x1m Long 8mm Threaded Rods (or 5x1m pieces + 1x50cm piece)

 Rod 1: 370mm, 370mm, 210mm
 Rod 2: 370mm, 370mm, 210mm
 Rod 3: 370mm, 294mm, 294mm
 Rod 4: 370mm, 294mm, 294mm
 Rod 5: 440mm, 440mm
 Rod 6: 440mm

I am able to cut the smooth rods on one evening within an hour or so.
and cut the threaded rods on the following weekend with the help of wife.

Bought the blades from HomeDepot

Smooth and threaded rods before cutting

Smooth and Threaded rods cut to size

Suggestion: Cutting the rods is tedious.Try to order rods pre-cut.

Rods are ready for assembly..but i have not ordered the RP parts yet.

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