First things First

This is my attempt to build a Prusa Mendel (metric).

As i build, i am going to list the steps, parts i bought, mistakes i made, lessons learnt and pitfalls to avoid.

My aim in writing this Blog, is to make your Prusa Mendel (metric) build a breeze!!!

Secondly i want to build a reliable Prusa mendel, so i don't want to skimp on the parts...and if i do, i am not sure what pitfalls i may run into...So i am not taking any short cuts with quality...

I know, people are talking about the cost to build around $500-$600 dollars ( This is a complete DIY route).

I am not taking complete DIY route. I can save few dollars by assembling the RAMPS kit, but this time i would like to buy a preassembled RAMPS( cost difference between DIY and assembled is $38 dollars).

It seems this build is going to cost me $800+  dollars. Let us see, at the end of day, where i stand!!!

Happy 3D Printing!!!!!!

Location: USA

NOTE: All the posts on before Sept, 03 2011 were happened earlier. From now onwards, i will blog on the same day as the events unfold.... 

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