Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Able to assemble x-Axis, z-axis, front and back threaded rods.

Today,  I made a lot of progress...

I am able to assemble the front threaded rods, back threaded rods, x-Axis smooth rods, cut the MDF board to size... Here are some of the images.

This is where is left last week. I ordered the wrong size of fender washer, so couldn't conitnue lastweek. I got the parts yesterday from mcMaster.com.Resumed the assembly...

Front threaded rod...notice the 608 ball bearing and fender washers

Front threaded rod inserted between the two vertex built earlier
 If you observe closely, there is no back threaded rod in place. Frame can stand on its own at this point.

Back threaded rod assembled and in place...See the 608 bearing in the center. 

I forgot the to take images of back threaded rod assembly...bottom and top ones separately. (pre-assembled) Sorry...

Frame is not tightened at this point of time..

Front threaded rod - another view

Front threaded rods - side view from right

Front threaded rods - side view from left

Back threaded rods - side view...See the 608 bearing in the center
Started the jigging process. I made two jigs - one 234 mm and another with 290 mm. If you have not made the jigs ready by this time, please go back make the jigs ready. With jigs, measuring and tightening of the frame will be fairly quick.

This image is with jigs snugly fit into the left verted traingle - 290mm and in between the vertex traingles - 234 mm

I forgot take images of pre-assembly of center threaded rod in the center of the printer...This rod is to hold the z-axis smooth rods. Also in the image, you can see a washer tied to a thread. I used this as a plumb to find the center on left and right side of the printer for this threaded rod. ( i hanged the plumb from center of z-axis mount - see the u shape in the z-axis mount)

See the z-Axis mount on the left. You can see back threaded rods at the back
Spacing between vertex triangles is exactly 234 mm...

Another view - showing the jigging process

Top view of the frame - showing the z-axis mounts

Left side - z-axis motor mount + aligning the threaded rod for z-axis smooth rods
Aligned the threaded rod in the center for the z-axis smooth rods. Smooth rods were not installed yet!

Thread tied to a washers to find the center point for threaded rod (for the z-axis smooth rods)

Bottom plate 145 mm X 225 mm and top plate 225 mm X 225 mm
Holes were drilled with 3mm drill bit (MDF board)

You may be wondering, what is this part!!!. This is my jig of 140 mm
I used the above jig, to measure the distance between the smooth rods for x-Axis
Verifying the distance between the x-axis smooth rods - 140 mm

Another view of using the jig of 140 mm

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